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The COOL Awards are the children's choice book awards voted for by the younger people of the Canberra Region. The COOL Awards stands for Canberra's Own Outstanding List (official site at ACT Virtual Library). It is a program run for children, allowing them to vote for their favourite book in the sections of Picture Story Book, Fiction for Younger Readers, and Fiction for Older Readers.

The COOL Awards Shortlist is compiled as a result of the suggestions sent in by students from across Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT. This nomination process occurs in term 1 in both schools and public libraries.

One of the things that stansd out about the COOL Awards is that the books the young people of the ACT choose have longevity with many of the earlier winners still in print. Discerning crowd.

2009 Cool Winners- 12th November

Section 1: Picture Books
Jungle Drums Jungle Drums By Graeme Base
Little Ngiri is the Smallest Warthog in Africa. Tired of being teased by his bigger brothers and buy_from_fishpondsisters, he wishes things could be different. When Old Nyumbu the Wildebeest gives Ngiri a set of magic drums, he is sure his wish is about to come true. But all the animals of the jungle are in for a BIG surprise as Ngiri's wish is granted in a most unexpected way. In the end, the gentle message that inner beauty and change is more important than outer beauty rings true. In true Graeme Base style, there is an added surprise at the end of the book. Everything seems to be normal in the jungle, but look closely and you will see that none of the animals or the other creatures watching from the trees are quite the way they were when the book began. Look even closer, and you will also find Old Nyumbu the Wildebeest hidden somewhere on every spread. "Jungle Drums is a book to be read over and over again. More

Track Stars! (Go Girl! Two Sides)Section 2: Fiction for younger readers
Go Girl! Two sides: #1 Track Stars! By Kathy Castlebuy_from_fishpond

There are two sides to every story, and when you're a nine year old trying to negotiate your relationships in the playground and class- room it's tough to see things from someone else's point of view. This new Go Girl series gives readers something new to chew on - one story with two very different points of view. Ages 6+ More

Section 3: Fiction for older readersGive Peas a Chance
Give Peas a Chance By Morris Gleitzman

buy_from_fishpondWhile Ginger and her dog, Anthony organise the ultimate party, Wilton the worm meets Aristotle the nose germ in an unexpected location and Ben tries to save the world by not eating his vegetables. Ages 8+.

Section 4: Fiction for grades 7 – 9

Wizard of Rondo By Emily Rodda

The Wizard of RondoWhen Leo Zifkak inherited an antique music box from his stuffy great-aunt, he never expected that it might hide a wondrous secret. The music box is the portal to a new world, Rondo. Leo's first visit to Rondo was to rescue his cousin, Mimi, and healmost lost his life. On his second visit, something much more important is at stake - his soul. There's a wizard missing and an innocent young man accused of his death. If Leo buy_from_fishpondand Mimi are to right this wrong, they're going to have to risk everything... More

2008 COOL Winners- Nov 12th

Picture Story Book: Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox and Judy Horacparliamentek
Fiction for Younger Readers: Just Shocking By Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton
Fiction for Older Readers: Spookiest Stories By Paul Jennings
Fiction for Years 7 - 9: Dragon Moon By Carole Wilkinson

2008 Picture Story Book Winner

fox_memWhere is the green sheep? by Mem Fox and Judy Horace

ISBN-13: 9780670041497
ISBN-10: 0670041491
Imprint: Viking
Publisher: Penguin Books.

Here is the blue sheep, and here is the red sheep. Here is the bath sheep, and here isgren_sheep the bed sheep. But where is the green sheep? Mem Fox and Judy Horacek take you on a wildly wonderful adventure in their rollicking search for the green sheep.

About the Author

Mem has never owned a sheep, let alone a green one, but she does admit to having woolly thoughts from time to time. Judy loves drawing things, especially sheep. This is her first flock. Mem Fox website

About the Illustrator

Judy Horacek is an Australian cartoonist, illustrator and writer. She has worked for many newspapers and a multitude of community groups, unions, small magazines and good causes and has published a number of cartoon collections. Recently she has also begun creating children’s picture books. Judy Horacek's website

Younger Readers Winner: Just Shocking! by Andy Griffiths (left) and Terry just_shockingDenton (below right)

ISBN:    9780330423533
ISBN-10:    0330423533
Publisher:    Pan Macmillan Australia

Is this the right book for you? Take the SHOCKING TEST and find out. Do you wish you could drive around in a monster truck crushing everybody and everything that gets in your way? Do you love watching videos ofpeople having painful accidents? Do you do any - or all - of the following: touch electric fences, play with loaded mousetraps or put buttons up your nose? Do you think stories about exploding pink butterflies are funny? Do you ever laugh so hard that you feel like you're going to throw up all over yourself...and then you actually do? Score: One point for each yes answer. 3-5: You are a shocking, shocking person! You willdenton_terry love this book. 1-2: You are quite shocking! You will love this book. 0: What a shocking score! You will love this book.

Andy Griffiths Writer. Has previously worked as a musician, English teacher, book editor and publisher.

Andy Griffiths website | Watch clips of 'What's With Andy' TV Show on You Tube | in- depth bio

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2008 Winner Fiction for Older Readers


Spookiest stories by Paul Jennings

ISBN:    9780670028917
ISBN-10:    0670028916
Publisher:    Penguin Books

Hand-picked by Paul, this book contains twenty-six of his weirdest stories from the Uncollectspookiest_storiesed series. Funniest Stories has already appealed to audiences, having sold over 30,000 copies to date, and Paul Jennings' Weirdest Stories will definitely be the weirdest anthology yet! Ages 10+.

Paul Jennings Website (excellent)

2008 Winner Fiction for Years 7 to 9

dragon_moon Dragon Moon by Carole Wilkinson

ISBN:    9781921167461
ISBN-10:    1921167467
Publisher:    Black Dog Books

Ping is struggling to protect the young dragon Kai from the ruthless enemies that stalk him. Then an old friend sends her a secret map that shows the way to Dragon Haven and the Dragonkeeper sets out on the most important journey of her life. But when Ping and Kai arrive they are shocked to find that Dragon Haven has been wilkinson_caroleabandoned and only a pile of dragon bones remains. What has happened to the wild creatures that roamed there? The answer comes in the form of a mysterious dragon who holds the key to Kai's future...

About the Author

Carole Wilkinson was born in the UK but now lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and daughter. Her DRAGONKEEPER trilogy has won her many awards in Australia. Carole Wilkinson Website

2008 Short Lists

Section 1 Picture Storybooks
Annie's Chair Niland, Deborahlester_alison
Are We There Yet? Lester, Alison (left)
Dimity Dumpty Graham, Bob
Dougal and Bumble and the Long Walk Home Dray, Matt
Is Your Grandmother A Goanna? Allen, Pamela
Jungle Drums Base
, Graeme
Lucy's Cat And The Rainbow Birds Hill, Anthony Tanner, Jane
Rex Dubosarsky, Ursula Mackintosh, David
griffiths_andyUno's Garden Base, Graeme
Where is the Green Sheep? Fox, Mem Horacek, Judy

Section 2 Fiction for Younger Readers
4F for Freaks Hobbs, Leigh
Boyz Rule Series Arena, Felice
Extreme Adventures Series D'Ath, Justin
Just Shocking Griffiths, Andy (right) Denton, Terry
Little Lunch #5
Katz, Danny Vane, Mitch
Scary Stories for Brave Boys and Girls Milne, Chris
Selby Shattered Ball, Duncan Stomann, Allan Harper
Tashi and the Mixed up Monster Fienberg, Anna Gamble, Kim
Tashi and the Stolen Bus Fienberg, Anna Gamble, Kim
What Bumosaur is That (Purple Book) Griffiths, Andy

Section 3 Fiction for Older Readers
Boy Overboard Gleitzman, Morris
Doubting Thomas Gleitzman, Morris
Garden of Purple Dragon Wilkinson, Carole
Give Peas a Chance Gleitzman, Morris
Goat Who Sailed the World French, Jackie
REILLYMATTHEWHitler's Daughter French, Jackie
Key To Rondo Rodda, Emily
Keys To The Kingdom ‐ Lady Friday Nix, Garth
Specky Magee And The Spirit of the Game Arena, Felice
Spookiest Stories Jennings, Paul

Fiction for Years 7 - 9
Cold Skin Herrick, Steven
Contest Reilly, Matthew ( left)
Dragon Moon Wilkinson, Carole
Evil Genius Jinks, Catherine
Horse Called Elvis Heffernan, John
Hover Car Racer Reilly, Matthew
Ice Station Reilly, Matthew
Mao's Last Dancer Cunxin, Li
Runestone Ciddor, Anna
Scarecrow Reilly, Matthew

COOL 2007 Winnerscat_on_tHE_MAT

annies_chair_coverPicture Story Book: Annie's Chair - By Deborah Niland

Fiction for Younger Readers: Cat on the Mat (Cat on the Mat Books) - By Andy Griffiths

Fiction for Older Readers: Zombie Bums from Uranus - By Andy Griffiths. Closely followed by Dragonkeeper: Garden of the Purple Dragon - by Carole Wilkinson.

Fiction for Years 7-9: The Silver Donkey - By Sonya Hartnett

Winners 1991 -1993

Picture Books 1993-2006

2006 Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear  by Matt Dray
2005 Mutt Dog! by Steven Michael Kinglegge_david
2004 Mr. McGee and the Biting Flea (Picture Puffin S.) by Pamela Allen< diary_of_a_wombat2003 Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French.
2000 Bamboozled by David Legge. (right)
1999 Grandad’s Teeth by Rod Clement.
1998 The Midnight Gang by Margaret Wild.
1996/7 Billy The Punk by Jessica Carroll.
1995 Toby by Margaret Wild.
1994 Possum Magicby Mem Fox.
1993 Window by Jeannie Baker
Fiction for Younger Readers 1991-2006
2006 Tashi and the Forbidden Room: Bk. 12 (Tashi) by Anna Fienber
2005 Selby Stardom by Duncan Ball
2004 Deltora Quest 3 S.) by Emily Rodda.
2003 Deltora Quest 2 series by Emily Rodda.
2000 Bob the Builder and the Elves by Emily Rod
1999 Bum Face by Morris Gleitzman.
1998 Wicked - now packaged as Totally Wicked!: Nos.1-6 of "Wicked"
by Paul Jennings
1996/7 Belly Flop by Morris Gleitzman.
1995 The Gizmo (Gizmo Books)by Paul Jennings.
1994 Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base.
1993 Unreal!: Eight Surprising Stories by Paul Jennings. Also packaged
as Uncollected: Every Story from Unreal, Unbelievable
and Quirky Tails: Volume 1: Unreal / Unbelievable / Quirky Tails
1992 The Cabbage Patch Fib by Paul Jennings.
1991 Round the Twist by Paul Jennings.
Fiction for Older Readers 1991-2006
2006 Bumageddon: The Final Pongflict  by Andy Griffiths
2005-The Bad Book by Andy Griffiths.
2004 Zombie Bums from Uranus by Andy Griffiths.
2003 Just Disgusting! by Andy Griffiths.
2000 The Night is for Hunting by John Marsden.
1999 The Third Day, the Frost by John Marsden.
1998 The Dead of Night by John Marsden.
1996/7 The Paw Thing by Paul Jennings.
1995 Joint Winners :
Tomorrow, When the War Began
by John Marsden AND
So Much to Tell You by John Marsden.
1994 Playing Beatie Bow (Puffin Books)by Ruth Park.
1993 Del-Del by Victor Kelleher.
1992 Came Back to Show You I Could Fly (Puffin Books) by Robin Klein.
1991 People Might Hear You by Robin Klein.

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