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The Crichton Award

The Crichton Award aims to recognise and encourage new talent in the field of Australian children's book illustration. It is administered by the Victorian Branch of the CBCA and thejudging panel of three is nominated and elected by the executive of the Victorian Branch.

1988 - Raymond Meeks "The Pheasant and the Kingfisher"
1989 - Marilyn Pride "Australian Dinosaurs"
1990 - Jeanie Adams "Pigs and Honey"
1991 - Grace Fielding "Bip, the Snapping Bungaroo"
1992 - Kim Gamble "The Magnificent Nose & Other Marvels"
1993 - Donna Leslie "Alitiji in Dreamland"
1994 - Jenny Sands "Is it True Grandfather?"
1995 - Joint Winners
Astri Baker "I Wish I'd Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong"
Geoff Kelly "Power and Glory"
1996 - Anne Spudvilas "The Race"
1997 - Sally Rippin "Fang Fang's Chinese New Year"
1998 - Joint Winners
Shaun Tan "The Viewer"
Anna Pignataro "I'm in the Sky and I Can't Come Back"
1999 - No winner this year
2000 - Lorette Broekstra "Baby Bear goes to the Zoo"
2001 - Caroline Magerl "Grandma's Shoes"
2002 - Mini Goss "When Mum was Little"
2003 - Naomi Mairou "The Dugong Meadow"
2004 - Freya Blackwood "Two Summers"
2005 - Declan Lee "Wings"
2006 - Jeremy Geddes "The Mystery of Eilean Mor"
2007 - Vince Agostino "When elephants lived in the sea"
2008 - Anna Walker "Santa’s Aussie Holiday"
2009 - Sarah Davis "Mending Lucille"
2010 - Joint Winners
Andy Geppert "Little Big Tree"
Andrew Joyner "The Big Plop"
2011 - Clare McFadden "The Flying Orchestra"

2009 Crichton Award for New Illustrators Winner

* Mending Lucille Sarah Davis, text: J R Poulter, (Lothian)

Mending LucilleAn insightful picture book about one girl's loss of her mother. Mending Lucille charts the process of grief and healing through a young girl's attachment to a broken doll, Lucille. One day, she and her father meet Chrissie, a kind waitress who mends the doll. Will she also be able to help them overcome their grief? Ages 3+. More

2009 Crichton Award for New Illustrators Other Shortlisted

Jessica's Box | Miss Llewellyn-Jones | | How Weird is That... | Collecting Colour |

* Jessica's Box, Peter Carnavas, (New Frontier Publishing)
* Miss Llewellyn-Jones, Moira Court, text: Elaine Forrestal, (Fremantle Press)Pilgrim
* How WEIRD is That M S Dawson, text: Gyan Evans, (A Museagency book)
* Collecting Colour, Kylie Dunstan, (Lothian)
* Pilgrim, Jo Oliver, (New Frontier Publishing

Santa's Aussie Holiday2008 Winner

Walker, Anna Santa's Aussie Holiday Scholastic Australia
Text: Farrer, Maria

Book Description:

Each year Santa likes to have some fun, a chance to get some rest and sun he spins his globe for inspiration and finds a perfect destination...Australia! Join Santa and his new Aussie mates as they travel around Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef to Rottnest Island. Ages 4+

2008 Other Short listed

Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley | Ock Von Fiend | The Crow and the Waterhole | The World According to Warren | The Empty City |

Blabey, Aaron Pearl Barley and Charlie Parsley Viking, Penguin Group Australia
Edwards, Luke Ock Von FiendOmnibus, Scholastic
Kwaymullina, Ambelin The Crow and the Waterhole Fremantle Press
Martinez, Sonia The World According to WarrenFremantle Press
Oxlade, Jonathon. Text The Empty City Lothian, Hachette Livre

Past Winners

When Elephants Lived in the Sea | The Mystery of the Eilean Mor | Two Summers |

2008 - Anna Walker Santa's Aussie Holiday

2007 - Vince Agostino When Elephants Lived in the Sea

2006 - Jeremy Geddes The Mystery of the Eilean Mor

The Dugong Meadow | When Mum Was Little | Baby Bear Goes to the Zoo

2005 - Declan Lee Wings

2004 - Freya Blackwood Two Summers

2003 - Naomi Mairou The Dugong Meadow

2002 - Mini Goss When Mum Was Little

2001 - Caroline Magerl Grandma's Shoes

2000 - Lorette Broekstra Baby Bear Goes to the Zoo

1999 - No winner this year

The Viewer1998 - Joint Winners
Shaun Tan The Viewer
Anna Pignataro I'm in the Sky and I Can't Come Back

1997 - Sally Rippin Fang Fang's Chinese New Year

1996 - Anne Spudvilas The Race

1995 - Joint Winners
Astri Baker I Wish I'd Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong
Geoff Kelly Power and Glory

1994 - Jenny Sands Is it True Grandfather?

1993 - Donna Leslie Alitiji in Dreamland

1992 - Kim Gamble The Magnificent Nose & Other Marvels

1991 - Grace Fielding Bip, the Snapping Bungaroo

1990 - Jeanie Adams Pigs and Honey

1989 - Marilyn Pride Australian Dinosaurs

1988 - Raymond Meeks The Pheasant and the Kingfisher

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